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Renewable Energy

Armada Group is committed to global renewable energy standards and goals. To foster a better environment for future generations, we believe in reducing environmentally harmful and toxic emissions by producing clean and sustainable power that reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes reliance on conventional fossil-based fuels, such as oil and gas.

Armada Group is developing world-class knowledge and experience in renewable energy generation, especially photovoltaic (PV) solar energy and wind energy. We are achieving these goals through joint ventures with well-known and experienced international companies to take the lead in Iraq and elsewhere to promote and develop renewable energy power plants. Together, with our international partners, we are conducting numerous feasibility studies for the construction and operation of photovoltaic solar power plants in Iraq, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates in furtherance of our goal to implement renewable energy solutions for the long-term benefit of future generations.

Services we provide include:

  • Solar Energy: Armada Group can help with all aspects of solar power plants, including design, procurement, financing, civil work, construction, and ensuring compatibility with existing power grids. We can be there from “Day One” to design and implement a solar power plant using state-of-the-art PV technology, or we can assess existing solar power plants to increase efficiency and assess any outstanding issues.

  • Wind Energy: Much like our solar energy capabilities, Armada Group’s experts can assist in every part of new or already established wind farms. We can assess and design before construction, assist in procurement and financing, and ensure construction is efficient and accurate. Additionally, we can analyze current wind farms to test efficiency and ensure they are operating properly.